Welcome! All my pieces are unique, thrown on the wheel or handbuilt and finished by myself.
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Full of unique character and multi-glazed in turquoise blues, this one of a kind, wheelthrown, two-piece teaset is as beautifully decorative as it is functional.

The teapot features a hand-sculpted whale on the lid, glazed in glossy midnight blue and finished in intricate detail. The teabowl fits perfectly in the hand, both comfortable and warming - the perfect set for that special teatime or for everyday use.

White stoneware clay.
High-fire glazes.

Dishwasher safe but recommended handwash only. Not microwave safe.

Approximate dimensions:
Teapot: 500ml
(Height 130mm x Length 200mm)
Teabowl: 400ml
(Height 65mm x Width 110)

More details and photos available upon request.

Please message me for postage to your country.